Saturday, March 3, 2012

Summit of Ministry

So we had a "leadership summit" this weekend at church where we talking and talked and kept talking about what it means to be "missional". The things we're talking about are the very things u live my life by. Community. Authenticity. Experience. Love. Just loving others and being Christ to those around you. Not having a big plan - or a strategy but just loving those who are around you in your daily life... And this weekend is real boring because everyone is struggling with understanding this stuff - and I'm just sitting here pulling my hair out from boredom... Until Jesus decided to call me out on something.

We're going through this program called 'moving back into the neighborhood' and I start getting called out on the fact that I know there is a deep need right near the church among elementary age kids... Kids who have broken families and would rather be anywhere but home and don't know what it means to be loved and accepted for who they are.... Hmmm... Sounds a lot like me when I was a kid.... I think I might be able to connect with those students. I have a story that makes me uniquely gifted to connect and care for those kids - and there's multiple schools in walking distance from the church that are full of hurting children.

A call.

A purpose.

A mission field. Salem...

I'm okay with those first 3 things - but I was really just waiting for God to give me those 3 things in Slovenia... Or Africa... Or upper kamikaze-Stan...


But alas - my heart is bursting with ideas and excitement for reaching the hurting children in north east Salem...

I've seen the bat call and I'm jumping into the bat mobile ...

And I'm sure this journey is gonna be just as amusing as a comic.

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