Friday, April 20, 2012

Vacation: Day 1

it's day one of vacation... and it's been great so far.

i left salem around 9:30, stopped at REI in clackamas, then headed to Jen's to pick something up for scott and Dan - when D said i could borrow his AR-15 for the weekend to go shooting :) i got giddy like a lil kid on christmas.... So - i loaded up and off i went into the gorge... I was headed for Eagle Creek - but got off an exit to soon and ended up at Wahclella Falls... i had never hiked it before - so i figured i'd give it a go... i tried to fit my camp stove and stuff into my lil backpack - but the pan wouldn't fit (i forgot to buy the snopeak cup i wanted to get at REI so i didn't always have to use my pot to boil water...) so i decided it was only a 2 mile trial - i'd just eat lunch when i got back... hiked in - and OH MY GOSH!!!! it was one of - if not the - most beautiful hike i've ever been on... took my breath away - and was so good for my soul...

then - i finally left the amazingness (you'll just have to go see it for yourself - or wait till i post a picture) got back to my car - ate lunch - and then continued to Yakima.

Then i got to Yakima...

and it was awesome! Being with Scott and Mel just seems so normal. it didn't have any of that awkwarness that sometimes comes when you havnt seen a friend in a long time... NONE... it was so great to just be able to be here and not have any expectations... so we hung out for a lil, ate dinner, and then went for a W.A.L.K.  (gotta spell it so lucy doesn't freak out).  we left scott at the house to try and figure out the sprinkler system - which he was sure was just going to be another line he had to fix somewhere... anyhow - we went on a W.A.L.K. and along the way these two dogs started following us around... they were two super cute yellow labs... and they just kept following us as we walked... we kept trying to figure out what to do to get them to go home - but they kept following us... anyhow - we walked all the way around the loop and decided we should try and take them back to where they started following us... as we were about 3/4 of the way up the hill we heard a kid at the top of the hill start yelling for them "LUCY... come here lucy"

me and mel started cracking up

mel's dog is named lucy - and when the labs showed up we started calling her to follow us instead of go with the other dogs... but we couldn't figure out why they kept following us... WELL - we figured it out... the one was just being good and following where she was asked to go - and the other was just following her friend :)

we got back to the house after a good laugh - and found scott getting ready to test the sprinklers... (which i had said earlier that it would be awesome if they worked when he turned them on... he didn't think it would happen) well guess what.

we played in the sprinklers... :)

then we watched drunk kitchen, ate popcorn, and drank smoothies...

all in all... one of the best nights i've had in a long time.

Day 2: bring it!

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