Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vacation: Day 3

Well - today was my last day in Yakima... it was sunny and in the 80's again today. So awesome to be able to be outside all day and get a tan!

We went shooting today... we went to the new shooting range that the guys have gotten memberships at... it was fun. i shot a lot of guns - sliced open my thumb on the slide of my new gun (oops) and got a hickie from a .300 win mag.... all around great day.

especially with the comment from scott as we were leaving the range "well ashbert... you are one heck of a good shot." to which dan agreed. it feels good to be told i'm good at something i love, from someone who is WAY better than i am. i got a long way to go to be able to beat him, but scott has been shooting for a long time... i look up to scott a lot - and to get that kind of a compliment from him meant the world to me... encourages me to keep on going.

after we got back from shooting we had some dinner and then me and melody went out on the quad and took some pictures of the valley... the cherry trees were blooming and it was wonderful.

The best part of today was when we were out shooting and i got a text regarding something at church - and i was so confused because i had totally missed that it was sunday and my team was at church leading the kidz... to be able to completely get lost in the time i've had here and be able to relax and not think/worry about work. That is truly amazing and something my soul so deeply needed.

I've had a lot of conversations while i've been here - some deep, some not... but my soul has been fed in a way that it has been longing for for quite a while... I was challenged, and encouraged during these 3 short days... and blessed beyond anything i could have hoped for. I'm so thankful that the Lord gave me these friends and that even through all the shit that has happened the last few years we are able to be more real with each other and still have fun and enjoy the simple things in life...

like running through the sprinklers, riding quads, shooting guns, and playing in the dirt.

tomorrow i venture on to Bellingham. hopefully. to see another friend and her 3 cute kids (2 of which, twins, i havn't met yet)  i'm excited.

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