Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vacation: Day 2

Welp - today was pretty much awesome. i got to be outside all day working with scott and Mel. I mowed their yard on the new riding mower (that was fun!) and we built a lil garden bed for Melody... and me and mel went and bought dirt... and then - after some just plain rest time and good conversation, we had some friends over. it was soooooo good to get to see people... and just talk and hang out and be in community again...

good for the soul.

i talked about a lot of stuff today with people, had some good breakthroughs, a couple light bulb moments, and started making some big decisions... i'm pretty excited and a little bit nervous about what life is gonna bring at me next... :)

Me and mel talked about life, and my freak out moments, and processing, and expectations that people have put on us that are untrue, and listening to yourself, and freedom, and all kinds of stuff. it was good.

real good.

we talked about school - and how if i don't need to go, and i don't have a desire to go - that i probably shouldn't be going right now... unless God really starts pushing me to do that... and Scott busted in on that conversation and told me it wasn't worth getting 30 thousand more in debt to get a title that doesn't really do much for you...

and then Ty and I had a good talk while smoking pipes... and i was able to just be real and talk with him...and it felt normal, like i was remembering how to be in real relationships with people... and we talked about some of the same stuff - and i actually talked about some dad stuff for the first time with him, (i dont think he even realizes that) and it was good...  i think the conversation with mel helped me to be able to have that conversation - and we talked about him and heidi - and opportunitites they have - and Jesus.... that was real good too...

then me and Heidi got to talk a little bit... and that was good for my soul too... challenging, but good. it's amazing to me how challenging a little conversation on a couch with a friend can be...

and tomorrow we are going to shoot guns :)

oh - and i got sunburnt. happy!


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