Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vacation: a recap.

vacation was so good for my soul. completely and totally awesome. 

there were some parts that were hard. some stuff that tugged at my emotions. some stuff that just melted my soul (in a good way). and some stuff that just was. but i wanted to make a list of highlights (some may be surprising) from the 5 days i had off... 

1. getting to hug melody, scott, heidi, ty, and jonie. 
2. waking up in the morning being at scott and mel's and having a dearly loved friend pour me a cup of coffee. 
3. coffee = breakfast beer
4. My Drunk Kitchen: Ice cream
5. singing at the top of my lungs while mowing scott and mel's yard - thinking that nobody could hear me...
6. seeing Mel's face light up when she had a finished garden. 
7. Seeing her face light up even more as she told me and scott what all she had planted while we were out shooitng.
8. spending a day shooting with the guys
9. almost beating scott at shooting skeet
10. having scott tell me that i'm great shooter
11. slicing open my thumb on the slide of my gun - rookie mistake
12. bantering with the guys while out shooting
13. going on a photography quad-ride with mel through the orchards
14. BBQ's
15. authentic community
16. sunshine
17. going to horsethief butte for the first time since Tony and Laura's accident and being able to sit with the crazy emotions i have about all that
18. having friends be proud of me stepping out in faith and stepping towards healing
19. mel making me a "ashley style" self care list
20. having " doing something risky that ends with minor injuries" as an acceptable means of self care
21. having friends that love me and know me
22. having friends that will randomly let me stay with them for 3 days
23. Eureka
24. guns
25. ninja stars
26. blow gun
27. coconut beer
28. finding a new awesome waterfall to hang out at
29. owning a vehicle
30. having a job that let's me take vacation
31. having a loving family to come home to
32. smoking pipes and talking about life

i may have missed some - but i think that's a majority of the highlights

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